50mm | Heavy Duty Pop

65 Very Heavy Duty 4 Funko Pop! Box Protectors. 50mm Thick Plastic Cases New

   65 VERY Heavy Duty Funko 4 Box Protectors. These are the absolute best, highest quality, foldable 4 Funko Pop! These are made with thick 20mil. 50mm acid-free PET plastic with removable peel film. These all but replace Pop Stacks and at a fraction of the cost! In the pictures you will see that we stacked 150 flat 4 protectors on top of our Star Wars Autographed Pop in one of these protectors and it doesn't affect it whatsoever. If you can damage a Pop inside these then you had to try to do it. Other sellers may claim to have. 50mm protectors but these actually are. Who knows ...
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